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Hungarian Nationals 2017 Budapest

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Hungarian Nationals 2017
25 – 26. March


The Hungarian Nationals 2017 is a speedcubing competition. Anyone can participate, who is familiar with the WCA Regulation, accept it and meet the competition’s criterias.

Competitors limit: 170 people

Date: 25-26. March 2017

Venue: Lurdy Konferencia- és Rendezvényközpont
On Saturday: 1st floor, on the left, next to the catering area, room 4.
On Sunday: 1st floor, on the left, next to the catering area, room 6.

Address: 1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán Krt. 12-14.

Registration fee – for competitors (with online registration and pre-payment):

  • Saturday: 1.000 HUF (or 4 EUR)
  • Sunday: 2.000 HUF (or 8 EUR)

For spectators (paid on site):

  • Saturday: 500 HUF
  • Sunday (all day): 1.000 HUF
  • Sunday (afternoon): 500 HUF

IMPORTANT: On Sunday between 8:40 and 12:50 only 1 guest per competitor can stay at the venue.
Competitors need to write their name in the “Comment” box during WCA registration. Only those guests, who’s name is given at the comment boxes can buy the Sunday (all day) guest ticket.
For more information please check out our F.A.Q. page, at the question number 30).


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