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Hungarian Open 2017 Budapest (eng)

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Hungarian Open 2017

13-15. October

Is an official speedcubing competition. Anyone can participate, who is familiar with the WCA Regulation, accepts it and meet the competition’s criterias.

Date: October 13-15, 2017
Competitors limit: 200 people
Venue: Hotel Hungaria City Center
Address: Rákóczi út 90. 1074 Budapest


For competitors: – PAID ONLINE
Registration fee (for Friday): 1.500 HUF
Registration fee (for Saturday): 2.000 HUF
Registration fee (for Sunday): 2.500 HUF

For guests – PAID ONSITE:
Entrance fee (for Friday): 500 HUF
Entrance fee (for Saturday): 1.000 HUF
Entrance fee (for Sunday): 1.000 HUF




IMPORTANT: On Sunday only 1 guest per competitor can stay at the venue. Competitors need to write their guest’s name in the “Comment” box during the WCA registration, or should submit the names in e-mail. Only those guests, who’s names are provided in the comment boxes can buy guest tickets for Sunday. More information: FAQ 30)

Organizers: Niki Placskó, Olivér Perge, Dániel Varga, Bence Barát
WCA delegates: Olivér Perge, Niki Placskó

If you have any questions about the competiton, the regulation or anything else we can help, feel free to ask on the: e-mail address.

In the meantime enjoy your preparation and see you in the competition!